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Pagana Atelier

Our Story

Pagana Atelier was founded in the second half of the 20th century in the heart of the historic center of Perugia.

From being always dynamic, in step with the times, to having anticipated trends in the fashion world, Pagana Atelier has distinguished itself from other artisan jewellers.  
With the decades of experience from our artisans accompanying by the tools and qualifications necessary in this art, Pagana atelier proudly presents to you our unique and customisable jewellery.

We have always stood out for uniqueness and originality of our creations especially thanks to the continuous research of precious stones and materials in the various international fairs. The Pagana brand has been and will always be dedicated to the exploration of creativity combined with a new vision of contemporary jewelry.


                Urban Chic Contemporary Made in Italy

Nadia Belia

Chief Designer and Founder

Nadia Belia, the founder of the Pagana Atelier, an expert in gemology and designer of the Pagana Exclusive collection, travels around the world for inspirations so to be able to offer our prestigious customers innovative and customizable products. Nadia brought Pagana Atelier to where it is and for it to enjoy its great international success today .

Holographic Window

"It is unique in Italy.The first holographic augmented reality showcase in Perugia.

Perugia is the first city in Italy to have a augmented reality window in the city center. Its holographic window, capable of combining the creative flair made in Umbria with the most advanced technologies."

Perugia Today

Shoutout Miami

Exclusively with Female Entrepreneur Nadia Belia

"  We had the good fortune of connecting with Nadia Belia and we've shared the story of her emtrepreneurship and her years of experience in the industry... "


Full Interview

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